Troops to Careers 2017-2018
Military Career Fair Tour

  • Are You Actively Seeking to Hire Military Veterans?
  • Would You Like to Expand Your Military Recruitment Program?
  • Would You Like to Be Represented at 50 Military Events?
  • If yes to any of these questions, then this information is for you.

We are the Veteran Resource Network, and for 13 years we have been assisting active duty and veteran military men and women in making a transition from military to civilian life. We are home to the Troops to Careers, Troops to Truckers, and Troops to Business programs.

We began as a local program many years ago and soon grew to a national program serving veterans across the nation and around the world. Through our various programs, we serve more than 2000 veterans a year directly and much more indirectly through our education and outreach programs.

The Tour
Beginning in late August 2017, the Troops to Careers program will begin a 12 month, 50 Job aFir Career Fair Tour. During this tour, our team will be attending more than 30 job fairs on base and 20 near base. At these career fairs, we are a vital source to the men and women to attend as they seek employment opportunities after their active service or during their reserve or national guard service.
A few of the 50 locations we will be attending events include:

• Fort Bragg
• Camp Lejeune / Jacksonville
• Camp Pendleton
• Joint Base Lewis-McChord
• Wright Patterson AFB
• Fort Hood
• Fort Knox
• Fort Campbell
• Fort Riley
• Fort Stewart
• Fort Lee
• Riverside / March Army Reserve Base
• Fort Leonard Wood
• Fort Bliss
• Fort Walton Beach/Eglin AFB
• Fort Sill Oklahoma City
• Norfolk Naval Base

Some bases have multiple visits due to their large size and high level of transferring military personnel.

What we Provide
We provide on-site counseling and on-site registration so that we can communicate with them after the job/career fair to assist them in their employment search. It is in this post-event contact that we can provide leads and information on the companies that we feel best suit their needs, desires, preparation, etc.
We are speaking to you today to invite you to become one of the select sponsors of this Military Career Fair Tour. It is your opportunity to gain direct access to the 25-250 registrations we will receive from our visits on base and speaking to transitioning military members. Our extensive experience at job fairs lets us know the volume of registrations we can expect. And those registrations are your direct connection to these American heroes in their time of decision making.

How to get involved
As an annual sponsorship with the Veteran Resource Network/Troops to Career program, you will have the following benefits available to you:

1. Access to the 1,250 to 10,000 military member and veteran registrations including full contact information and their stated areas of desire. You will use these to reach out to them and invite them to look at your career opportunities.

2. Listing as sponsors, with your contact information, in all of our education materials, such as career readiness inventory, career search journal, etc.

3. Listing on our 2017-2018 Career Fair Tour at the website.

4. And other benefits as they become available.This is an amazing opportunity for your company to become actively engaged in the recruitment of active duty and military veterans. They are an invaluable resource with great leadership skills. Now your company can get a front row seat!

This is an amazing opportunity for your company to become actively engaged in the recruitment of active duty and military veterans. They are an invaluable resource with great leadership skills. Now your company can get a front row seat!

And we have created this sponsorship opportunity at a level that makes great marketing sense. For just $100 per career fair, when paid annually, you are having access to all of our activities both through the web and through the Career Fairs. Simply as a logistic accomplishment, are extending your reach nationally and in the most targeted important places.

This makes the sponsorship not only a great thing to do for our veterans, but also a great marketing investment for you as well. For just $5,000 paid annually or $6900 if paid quarterly, you are making a difference by assisting us in assisting military veterans coast to coast, but also connecting your company with these heroes for employment, education, and more!

How to get started
To get started, simply contact our

Director of Education, James Anderson, at
(863) 397-2330

or our

Executive Director at
(888) 716-4196

to ask questions or finalize arrangements.

Remember, this is a sponsorship, so the benefits extend beyond just having access to these awesome men and women seeking careers. It makes your organization a leader in engaging with our military men and women in a meaningful way.

As an added value to you, we are limiting our sponsorships this year. And the tour starts very soon. So connect with us ASAP so that we can reserve your space and get your company materials in the hands of our touring team.

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