Military Training


National Investment

The American tax payer has invested billions in soldier training over the decades. As a Marine, soldier, airman, sailor, coast guardsman, reservists, or state guardsman, you represent the finest in world-class warrior training. And you have followed that training with experience – through drill and real-time engagement. In developing a career strategy, it is imperative that you understand fully the potential return on that investment in time and treasure.

If you are still an active member of a regular armed force, or are serving weekend and summer drills in guard or reserve duty, your personal awareness of the impact of what you do while wearing the uniform is important to your future. Nearly all of us at one time or another may have felt that what we were doing in that drill or even live action was wasted time. The truth of the matter is that every moment you seriously and with commitment to excellence engage in any warrior activity – live or drill – you are honing the skills that will pay great dividends throughout your life and working career.

Personal Investment

From this point forward, be on notice that time in warrior training and live combat is never time wasted nor effort without reward. What we discover after military services, and most of the time not until many years after, is that success in business, community, government, recreation, and even spiritual endeavors, are enhanced many times over by what we have experienced as warriors. For better or for worse, our uniformed experiences create a direct relationship to the successes in or lives.

Therefore, take this as notice that you are contributing more to your career success today than you will likely ever contribute in years ahead. Your service now is building the foundation of your tenacity, focus, personal and personnel  management expertise. Engage in all activities with this in mind. Begin to discover what elements of your environment you prefer, identify whether working alone or leading others is more your style. Each time you take an order and engage, each time you give an order and access their engagement, actively learn more about yourself and others.

This is the cornerstone of career development as a member of the U.S. Military. It is (or was if you are a fully separated veteran) the finest education our nation can buy. Make the most of it now then practice it for a lifetime.