Mentored Action Plan

A Roadmap

Can you imagine crossing any terrain without a map to identify the advantage points, threats, friendlies, caveats, and other details? Without out such a map, you are traveling blindly – with or without purpose.

When it comes to your career, there is a map that can be modified to meet nearly every career set of parameters. And that is the Mentored Action Plan.

Mentored Action Plan - Lance Orndorff 2011

Mentored Action Plan – Lance Orndorff 2011

Mentored Action Plan

Briefly, what the Mentored Action Plan does within the career context is develop a guided pathway to achieve a career goal. Fortunately, you have around you dozens of individuals, all with some vested interest, in your success. And the Mentored Action Plan leverages those relationships, some own and those not yet known, to support and propel you to career success.

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