Apprenticeship Start-Up Program

What is is all about?

Many companies are having a difficult time bringing veterans into their program because the starting pay for untrained staff is lower than most veterans can accept as a living wage. But because of the promise of training and growth, what might seem like a dead-end, low paying starting position can actually be transformed into an apprenticeship program which fits the needs of both the veteran and employer perfectly.

How can Troops to Career help your business?

By way of a proven, structured model, T2Careers staff can work with you to create an apprenticeship program at your business location designed specifically to meet the needs of military veterans. What once was a list of job openings becomes a training track for an American Hero.

What is also beneficial about an apprenticeship program is that it can be a vehicle that other veterans service organizations can shop for candidates for your business in a stronger, more targeted way. It is not about just filling a starting job, it is about fulfilling a career desire for a military veteran.

How does a business get started?

Call Lance Orndorff, our Director, at (704) 898-1156 and begin a conversation. Lance will explain the benefits of such a program and when you are ready, guide you through the process of development. He and his Director of Education James Anderson will consult with you to make it a reality.