About T2Careers

What we do

For the Warrior

Provide active duty military, reservists, guardsman, and veterans with transitional career counseling, training, and job placement. Far to many of our service men and women, both active and separated veteran, lack the awareness that their military leadership training, experience, and active or recent security clearance, make them a valuable asset to our nation’s workforce.

For Business

Provide companies with real-world solutions to hero recruitment, screening, and HR training in working with military veteran candidates and employees. There are clear pros and risks in hiring any new recruit, and hiring veterans is not exempt from that truth. The more an employer knows how to recruit, access, and manage veterans, the more likely that hiring experience will be positive for both the employer and the veteran.

How we do it

…For the Warrior

To be sure we are asking the right questions and making the best connections, we are available to visit your unit, base, muster or group and conduct an on-site career exploration group or individual coaching sessions.

Under our camo tent, frank and open discussion about current MOS, past and future education plans, individual hopes and desire for service, etc. result in military members having a deeper understanding in the nexus between their current service, past experience, and future career objectives.

The discussions, in the presence of their peers, serves as a powerful catalyst for individual employment and career improvements. Simple request the date you’d like me to visit your scheduled drill or other gathering. Call for booking.

…For Business

Our team uses a productized consulting model to provide services that get at the heart of the military member and veteran recruitment, hiring, training, and management process. We have taken our consulting services and packaged them in a way so that you, the company that desires to hire our awesome warriors, are better prepared to engage and manage that process.

These services include on-site seminars, strategic veteran recruitment plans, recruitment plan assessments, “mystery” applicants, live application feeds, recruitment marketing assistance, working with vet’s HR training and more.

For a complete list of the services available, we ask that you reach out to us using the form to the right and make that request. Include a phone number so that we can reach out and learn about your company and your mission so that we an best tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

For faster response than email, call (888) 716-4196 and leave a message. Your call will be returned within hours and we can begin the process of bringing qualified, outstanding veteran and active military applicants to your desk.

Why us?

  • Our teamĀ are veterans that span 35 years of military action and deployments.
  • We are credentialed in areas vital to understanding the cognitive processes.
  • Our decades of experience working with military members and veterans, pros and cons, is an invaluable asset to place at your fingertips.