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What Will You Be Doing The First Day You Are A Civilian? What Can You Do Now To Identify Your Next Employer? Who Is Your Career Partner Now and Later?

Career Coaching

Career Coaching
Job #1 : Has anyone asked you, “Forget what you know how to do, or what training you have or do not have, and tell me what it is you would like to wake up each morning and do, every day, that would result in you laying your head down at night feeling great about the day you just had?” This question and others are an important part of life coaching and career/life counseling. Let’s begin the conversation!
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Education Options

Learning with Purpose: Choosing the topic, mode, and timing of your next education investment needs to a strategic move. You will invest time, money, and precious days, weeks, months, and years of your life. Exploring the options and impact of those decisions is one that should be made with thoughtful care, counseling, and consideration. Let’s begin the conversation!
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